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Green RoofsLiving Wall - London 2012 Olympics
Green RoofsCommercial Brown Roof
Green RoofingDomestic green roof
Brown RoofsOrsman Road - Wildflower podium
Sedum RoofsCommercial Green Roof
Sedum RoofsCommercial Green Roof
Sedum RoofsCommercial Green Roof

BBS Green Roofing deliver the best Green Roofs, Sedum Roofs, Brown BioDiverse Roofs and Blue Roofs

Green Roofing

We are the UK's leading independent Green Roof System installers. Garden designers for more than 30 years and roof gardeners for more than 20 years, we are "preferred partner" installers for most of the major manufacturers. We supply and install all of the proven Green Roof technologies on the market.

Our many years of meticulous high-end garden design and horticultural experience means we are impeccably suited to delivering the best system for your circumstance.

We remain truly independent which means we can provide the correct system for your exact requirements. We do not install sub-standard roofs, only installing systems we can guarantee to be sustainable. We follow the F.L.L. Green Roof guidelines of Germany - we are founder members of the GRO Code - UK Guidelines.

Our work is guaranteed and we provide on-going maintenance and nurture packages.

The UK's most extensive knowledge based installer and provider of Green Roofing services with more than 30 years experience. We provide the best Green Roofs , Sedum Roofs and Brown Roofs .

Winners - Construction News Specialist Awards 2013

Finalist - The UK ROOFING AWARDS 2016

Our commitment

Our service from the initial estimate through to installation is fast, efficient and with an uncompromising high-end finish. We cut costs without compromising the system sustainability. We will only use fully Researched & Developed green roof designed components and systems. You will never see makeshift building products used instead. Green Roofs to Blue Roofs, we do it all with the same degree of excellence. We work closely with the project manager and all associated "other" trades on site to ensure the smooth integration of the green roof.


  • Commercial Green, Brown, BioDiverse and Intensive
  • Blue Roof Attenuation System
  • Hybrid Green/Blue Roof (a living planted roof and Attenuating Reservoir All-in-One)
  • Garden Roofscape Design
  • Roof ponds, pathways and decking
  • Green Walls


  • Timed deliveries to site - better organisation
  • Deliveries from one depot - up to 60% cheaper on haulage costs
  • Expert construction and contracting knowledge
  • Holistic System Knowledge - a green roof is more than just the Growing Substrates
  • Guarantees that cover the system components as well as the plants

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Green Roofing

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Green Roofing

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Green Roofing

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